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Fishing has been up and down as much as my boat has been the last few weeks with the weather. Nice one day and the next day blowing and rough.

I have found some nice schools of reds, but getting them to bite is harder than finding them in the first place. Sometimes you can throw everything you have in your tackle box in front of them and they just will not bite. But, it seems that if you have the patience and time to wait them out you will eventually get a bite going and catch a big one.

I had Chris and his two sons from Minnesota out and they made it clear they wanted to catch a big red. The weather and the fish were cooperating that day and they all caught some nice oversized reds.

Now that Spring has sprung it's time for that great Trout bite to start and I know everyone including me is ready for it. So, good fishing to everyone!

Captain Neal Goodrich

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